Sunday, January 11, 2015

New work.

Woman Looking in a Mirror
Yoga 1
Yoga 2
Yoga 5
Sleeping Woman 3
Taking Notes
Thinking Woman
Trampled Under Foot
Treat Machine
Two Women Waiting for a Hamburger
Two Women
Woman at the Beach 10
Yoga 3
Yoga 4
Reclining Female 113
Reclining Female 114
Road Gang Blues
Seated Female 72
Seated Man, Red on Green
Sleeping Woman 2
Wedding Night Jitters
American Cyclops
Don't Call Me Dotter
Family Tradition 1
Family Tradition 2
Girl in Boots
Head of a Young Girl 2
Lexicon Devil
Lip Biter
Love Removal Machine
March 1968
Mission: Implausible
On the Diagonal
Reclining Female 111
Reclining Female 112

Monday, December 1, 2014


The Long Goodbye

Woman with a Shawl

Skull in Black, Orange, and Silver

Red Face

Reclining Female 112

Reclining Female 111

Reclining Female 110

Cat 2


Family Tradition 2

Family Tradition

Figure on Red and Green

Inadvertent Jimbo

Love Removal Machine

On the Sly